All our services are the results of hard work, research and passion.

Product Development

The product development, for our production cycle, is based on the highest end 3D CAD and rapid prototyping technologies.

Metal Printing

Through metal 3D printing or direct metal printing we are able to create any kind of geometry without limits of shape and complexity.

Jewel Setting

Embedding titanium is extremely complex and, through post heat treatments, we are able to improve the toughness of the material bringing it to an excellent level of processing.


Our skilled goldsmiths wisely follow the most ancient craft traditions to work all the jewels obtained from the high-tech process.

Surface Treatments

After years of research and consolidated experience, we have developed effective and innovative methods for polishing, sandblasting and satin finishing titanium.


Through the traditional “precision lost wax casting” system, we are able to create grade 1,2 and 5 titanium microcasting .

CNC Metal Processing

We have the most advanced processing technologies for the numerically controlled shavings removal.
We are also able to carry out mechanical machining of milling, turning, flat ground, laser marking, tumbling, satin finishing, polishing and assembly of simple and complex mechanical parts.

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