We shape titanium, gold and diamonds for the jewelry, costume jewerlery, fashon accessories and not much more.


DOT is an idea of Damiano Vescovo, 20 year’s entrepreneur experienced in the additive 3D printing technology applied on the jewerlery, and Mariasole Moriggia, layer with a consolidated experience in sales and firm law. 

Hand made production

We believe in Italian excellence that is synonymous of hand made supremacy: our roots are in Valenza, the most famous jewerlery production district in Italy, where the goldsmith craftsmanship is a tradition that is handed down since decades.


In addition to the best goldsmiths, we have the most innovative and efficient technologies not just for to process titanium, but also to work with many other precious materials.
We use 3 different production technologies to guarantee to your products the highest possible quality at the lowest cost.


We use additive 3D printing technology to print directly into metal. Starting from a 3D CAD file, we use the lost-wax micro-casting technique and numerically controlled subtractive mechanical processing for the export of shavings.

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DOT manifattura srl – Viale Circonvallazione Ovest Zona CO.IN.OR Lotto 4/A n.40 – Valenza (AL) – C.F./P.IVA 02622450068 – SDI: KRRH6B9 – CONTACTS