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Titanium is a particularly difficult metal to work with, and anyone in the trade knows it well.

In fact it is extremely complicated to melt, just think that its melting point is 1725 ° C (around 300°C above the melting point of steel and about 1000°C above that of aluminum) and in different states of its processing can be even explosive.

But this is also what makes titanium an incredible material; hard and strong, light and strong, corrosion resistant, hypoallergenic, abundant in nature and with potential yet to be developed.

Why choose titanium

Although titanium is a complicated material to mold, we have decided to believe in its potential and in what it represents.

According to the observation made by Smartech Publishing entitled Titanium Opportunities in Additive Manufacturing, revenues from titanium-based additive manufacturing will reach $ 518 million in 2022, to exceed $ 1 billion by 2026.

In fact, it is increasingly used in different fields: from sports to medical, from energy to aerospace up, obviously, to the goldsmith and luxury one.
According to the purposes, titanium can be shaped and machined to be used both in its pure state and with other metals.

In jewelry

Tough, resistant, hard to shape.
Titanium, as we have seen, is difficult to “tame”, but it is precisely this characteristic that makes it so precious and sought after.

In addition to its tenacity, titanium is a great material because it is light and easy to wear.
Its characteristics are perfectly combined with more precious materials such as gold and diamonds and, if wisely combined, these elements are able to create unique and refined combinations.

In addition to this, titanium is hypoallergenic, biocompatible, non-magnetic and resistant to chemicals and acids.

In a historical period where the price of gold is almost prohibitive for both producers and consumers, there is a need for a new approach to luxury and new materials that are as precious and unique as they are accessible and in step with the times.

At DOT we believe in innovation and we want to be promoters of a radical change in the world of luxury.

The goldsmith world needs a material such as titanium to re-invent and innovate.
It is not a news that our sector needs freshness and to dare more and more to go against the tastes of an audience that changes faster and faster and that increasingly needs to be amazed and seduced.

We like to believe that and, if it is true that a diamond is forever, then a titanium jewel is eternal.

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